My Style: Cape Blazer & Wide-Leg Pants


(Myles Morgan Photography)

Hey Thriftanistas!

This weekend, my outfit stole the show at the Saved in the City Conference!  I received so many compliments on the pairing of the colors and a customer even tried to steal my blazer!  Girl.  I’ve featured this cape on the blog a few years ago and I consider it one of my favorite thrift store finds.


(Cape: Goodwill)

At the Women’s Expo, I spoke to the audience regarding quantity over quality.  With thrift stores prices being so inexpensive a lot of  people accumulate so many clothes!  When purchasing thrift store clothing, I use the Rule of 3’s.


(Blouse: Cato’s Fashion)

If I’m unable to wear a clothing item 3 different times for 3 different occasions then I don’t need it.  It’s just that simple!  This has helped tremendously in eliminating clutter and made it easier when getting dressed!


(Pants: America’s Best Thrift)

So, I have one more way I need to style this blazer before I even consider getting rid of it!  Any suggestions?

I would love to read your thoughts below!  What tips do you follow when purchasing fashion for less?



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