Save or Splurge: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation


Hey Thriftanistas!

I have a new obsession.  Yes, you read that correctly.  NYX Cosmetics Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation and primer is the answer to all oily skin women prayers!  Seriously.  I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and my expectations weren’t that high.  I’ve tried enough drugstore foundations to know a lot of their claims to match luxury brands don’t live up to the hype.  However, this duo is different.  Let’s start with the primer.



According to the NYX, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Matte Primer will always go to the matte for you. This new, comfortable formula preps your complexion for super-smooth foundation application and a matte finish. Just spread the creamy primer evenly over the skin and gently tap to set it. 

Thriftanistas, they didn’t lie!  Normally, I use the Becca Ever-Matte Pore-less primer which retails for $30 and I will be replacing it for NYX asap!  NYX primer tightened my skin perfectly which made for a seamless application for the foundation.


Now let’s move on to this foundation!  According to the press release, it’s a long wearing, waterproof liquid foundation that keeps skin looking flawless and matte all day long. 

Thriftanistas, they told the truth.  I must admit I had to use a 3-4 pumps of the foundation to get the full-coverage makeup I enjoy wearing.  However, it was shockingly lightweight and it survived this Alabama heat!  Here’s my verdict……



Retailing at $15, it definitely gives luxury makeup brands a run for their money!  I was so impressed with the duo, that it sparked an series for my YouTube channel.  Starting this Friday, I will be releasing a Fashion & Foundation series.  For the next five weeks, I will review inexpensive foundations and pair it with thrift store outfits.  So tune in for my application on screen!

Will you be watching?  Have you tried the NYX Foundation?  I would love to read your comments below!


2 thoughts on “Save or Splurge: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation

  1. Yes I stumble across this because Ulta was out of my Urban Decay shade and all I can say is LOVE IT!! No orange or yellow undertones, minimalist blending. Most importantly full coverage and I didn’t not have to reapply. Looking out for the BOGO 1/2 sale at my Ulta!

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    1. I was very surprised by the coverage because a lot of drugstore foundations don’t work for me! Once I finish up my Lancôme foundation this will be my new staple item! And yessss to the Ulta BOGO sale! Thank you so much for reading


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