Fashion & Foundation Friday!



Hey Thriftanistas!

Happy Friday!  As promised, I posted my first video on my YouTube channel for my fashion and foundation series.  I love being able to share my love for fashion and makeup on camera.  Daily, I receive so many questions about inexpensive makeup options so I think this weekly series will be quite helpful.



With this being the first video, I wanted to keep the fashion pretty casual.  Initially, I purchased this two-piece set on clearance from It’s Fashion for my upcoming travel to New York.  It’s super comfortable, light-weight, and perfect for maneuvering through the airport.  However, I decided to use it for the video and my social media went crazy over the outfit!


So many women expressed that this outfit related to their lifestyle yet fashionable.  I may have to showcase more casual looks on the blog in the future!

Will you be tuning in for my series?  Check out the first episode here!

What do you think about this look?  I would love to read your comments below!


2 thoughts on “Fashion & Foundation Friday!

  1. I love love it! Casual and comfortable are my cup of tea! Love all the things you are doing on helping women be fabulous and slay st affordable costs!!

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