Marie Kondo Effect? Run, to your nearest Thrift Store!


Hey Thriftanistas!

Have you watched the new series Tidying Up with Marie?  This weekend, I binge-watched a few episodes on Netflix to see the woman behind the massive wave of donations at the thrift stores!  The 8-episode series was quite refreshing and offered a new outlook on de-cluttering. 


Marie’s method is to remove anything (clothing, books, etc.) in your home that doesn’t spark joy.  Yes, this has been coined the “KonMari method” and has people sharing their downsizing stories on social media!  And, guess what?  Thrift stores are actually reaping the benefits of these donations!  Yes, a win for the home team!

If you can stand to tidy up in a few areas in your home, I highly suggest you check out the series.  However, if you fall in the latter category run to your nearest thrift store!

New inventory sparks joy for me! 

Have you watched the series?  If not, check it out here!  If so, I would love to read your thoughts below!



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