Hair Chronicles: Mini-Twist Extensions


Hey Thriftanistas!

I have been receiving so many compliments about my hair that I had to write a post.  For months, I have been experimenting with hairstyles that would fit my lifestyle.  I have worn wigs, box braids, quick weaves yet for one reason or another these styles didn’t quite fit the mold.  My criteria regarding hairstyles is a little complicated but I’ll share a few of details. First, I am in the military reserves so I need a hairstyle that accommodates the Army regulations regarding my soft cap (no bulky styles, remove the box braids). 


Secondly, I actively participate in moderate exercise five days a week (remove the quick weaves).  Lastly, I wanted a style that will transition from the workplace to date night without matting up and keeps my edges intact (bye wigs!)  I was at my wit’s end until I discovered this style on Pinterest!  I immediately contacted Haddy’s African Hair Braiding to schedule my appointment and the rest is history!


I am in love with these mini twists and I’m glad everyone loves them just as much as I do! This hairstyle fits my criteria and is very easy to maintain. Check out a few tips on how to maintain twists here!

Photographer:  Myles Morgan

Makeup: Me

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