Hair Chronicles: Quick Weave


Hey Thriftanistas!

Lately, I have been rocking a new do….hairdo that is!  I have received so many questions and compliments about my new hairstyle that I knew I had to share the details on my blog.  Honestly, I loved my shaved head but it got a bit boring!  I needed a little bit more…so I begged my stylist to create me a wig!  However, she suggested I try a quick weave for a few months to grow it out. fullsizerender

Boy was I in for a surprise!  This hairstyle is super stylish and easy to maintain.  I literally place a bonnet on at night and use my fingers to fluff it out in the morning.  I have been able to exercise and the hairstyle last for 3 weeks!  #winning


I use two packs of 8″ inch Visso Yaky by Bobbi Boss.  However, my beautician can create this style with one pack but I love big hair!  This hair can be purchased at your local beauty supply store and I use a stocking cap to protect my hair underneath.  At this point, I’m not interested in growing long hair…I just want healthy hair.  So stay tuned for the outcome of this journey…

Stylist:  Divine Images by Shannon

Photographer: K. Love Photography

Hair:  Bobbi Boss Visso


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