Thrifty Living: How I made $140….


Cleaning out your closet can be a challenging task but it is essential is you want to maximize your wardrobe. For weeks now I have been putting off my “Spring cleaning” in preparation of the clothing swap.  In the past I have always donated all my clothes to a thrift store regardless if they were new or used.  While this is a great option. because it allows you to help someone in need, I wanted to see how much my clothes were worth. Basically, I wanted cash!


(My 1st time ever visiting this store)


The whole process took an hour and I made a $140! I decided to spend $50 on a few things I had on my wish list and use the rest for the thrift tour this weekend. Allow me to introduce you to the newest items I added to my closet…


This shoe had me at hello…


Fringe is definitely in, but this is a great purse for all year round


I can definitely use this shoe for celebrity style…can you guess who?


I loved this cross-body purse 


And this one too


$113 at Style Encore & $27 at Plato’s Closet

As you can see I was on the hunt for purses and shoes!  I think Style Encore is a great option for updating your wardrobe while earning cash.  I’m looking for more stuff now! lol.  Have you ever shopped/donated clothes to Style Encore? Plato’s closet? Have you done your Spring cleaning? Feel free to comment below…

4 thoughts on “Thrifty Living: How I made $140….

  1. I’ve donated and shopped at Plato’s Closet often, though I don’t find their payback amounts fruitful. They have a great selection of clothes to choose from in all the latest styles. I’m going to try Style Encore next!


    1. I agree Brea! Style Encore gave the higher amount. I was told that Plato’s Closet is considered a younger store while Style Encore is for the professional. Either way I was just happy to get it out my closet!


  2. So happy I found your site from Thrifting Divas! Just joined your following and love your site.. (It’s great to in the company of fellow thrifters) and I look forward to positive connection


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