How to Thrift: Style trends with 3 Thrift Tips


I have received a lot of questions regarding how I thrift the latest trends.  I get it. Everybody wants to look their best, regardless of shape or size at an affordable price point.  Well, I listed below 3 tips I use to help me thrift the latest fashions.

FullSizeRender (18)

(Forever 21 Cami: $1.98, Thrifted pants: $3.99 Downtown Rescue Mission,

Shoes: $9.99 Rack Room Shoes)

1. Observe the inventory and mannequins while shopping retail.  It isn’t often I shop in the mall but when I do I make a mental note of the inventory hanging.  For example, I noticed Forever 21 had lace clothing displayed all over the store.  From the checkout register to the mannequins upon entering there is no doubt lace is trending for Spring.


(Left: Forever 21 lace top $22.80 Right: Thrifted Top $2.93 Neighborhood Thrift Store)

2. Read magazines, blogs, and subscribe to fashion e-letters. I have fashion magazines delivered to my front door for free!  I’ll show you how to do this later…stay tuned!  With a busy schedule, it is hard for me to go to my favorite bloggers website daily!! I have a email account specifically for blog subscriptions, coupons, and store sales.  This allows me to stay current and not miss a post. I usually wait for the weekend to catch up.

FullSizeRender (17)

3. Observe what others are wearing, social media, and add your own personality to the style.  Please don’t completely copycat someone’s style! Find women who are a similar age and size to you and see how they have styled their clothes and take inspiration from them.  You read that? Inspiration not Copycat.  If that still doesn’t work you can always hire me…ahem. 😃


(Thrifted Purse: $1.98 Thrift Mart)

With thrifting keeping up with the latest fashion trends may be a little difficult but with a little bit of research I know you can be successful too!  Do you have any tips you would like to share?  List them below….

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