Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less: Spanx

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I have been in five states in the past four days.  Which means I have been to 7 Goodwill stores, 2 Value Village’s, and a few thrift stores I don’t care to mention.  While shopping at Goodwill in Kentucky, I came across brand new pairs of Spanx. I don’t know about you, but I never leave home without wearing a body shaper.  I literally wear them under pants, skirts, shorts….everything!  I have to get it right, get it tight. Ha!


                                           (Brand new $6.25 at Goodwill)

I know you are probably thinking I don’t need it, but I like my curves to look smooth.  Let’s be honest, a lot of women don’t wear them and it completely ruins the look of the outfit!  Do you think Beyoncé is flawless? Spanx! Kim Kardashian, yep Spanx too! Adele (singer) confirmed she wore 4 pair of Spanx to the Grammy’s.  Now that is too much for me….


I wrote this post for two reasons.  Some people think girdles or spanx is for plus size women and that isn’t true. These are for women who understand the importance of covering/concealing your assets. The second reason is because proper undergarments can be very expensive!  That is why I always suggest start with a thrift store!  Thrift stores allow you to try different brands at a price you can afford!

FullSizeRender (15)

(Goodwill dress $4)

If you think buying body shapers from a thrift store is nasty try TJ Maxx or Ross!  I have found a few in the clearance section!  I will do a follow up post on my favorite body shapers to wear…..

image (1)

(The struggle is real.)

Do you wear spanx or girdles? What is your favorite brand?   Would you buy one from a thrift store?  Let’s talk about it….leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less: Spanx

  1. They roll on me. Men hug me and pull back and look at me all crazy too… And they are hot. Whew. It’s about to be hot outside and the Tennessee weather is a beast on its on…spanx will make it a hot beast!!


    1. What brand are you wearing? What type of Spanx are you wearing (shorts, full bodysuit,…etc?) I’m laughing at the men pulling back because that has happened to me a time or two!!! It does get hot in Huntsville but I can’t go with them


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