Frequently Asked Questions (Thrift Edition)



Hey Thriftanistas!

Due to the overwhelming number of messages I receive in my inbox regarding my thrift purchases, I thought it would be a great blog post for my site.  It’s so hard to respond to all of these messages so this post will serve as a point of reference.  Let’s get started….

What thrift stores do you shop at? Favorite thrift store? 

I shop at every thrift store in Huntsville.  However, I visit each one at different times and days throughout the month.

Can you find specific items for me at the thrift store?  Can you style me?

Yes, I do offer personalized services for specific items you may need at the thrift store.  However, that requires a fee that must be paid before I start sourcing for the item.  At this time, I’m unable to style clients due to my schedule.  The best way to purchase items  is through my Poshmark or order a style box.

What thrift stores have the best beauty products?

I have found beauty products in a variety of thrift stores.  However, the products go very quickly and be sure to check the expiration date.  Additionally, the best time to check the beauty section at thrift stores is December and January.

What is the best thrift stores for plus size clothing?

Plus size clothing can be a little tricky at the thrift store.  Thrift stores carry plus size exercise clothing in abundance but the regular clothing moves so quickly!  So if you see it, grab it!


Do you still sell the “Thriftanista” T-shirt?

Yes, it is available for purchase here!

When is your next Thrift Tour?

Tentatively, the next Thrift Tour is scheduled for August 17, 2019 on National Thrift Shop Day!

What store did you purchase “that” item? 

If you would like information on any items I show on social media, please sign up for my email list!  If you would like the information of the store that I’m located at during “live shopping” please sign up for a one-on-one shopping experience.  I offer a wide variety of services to assist with your thrifty needs.  Additionally, any clothing items that I’m wearing will be tagged on social media and featured on the blog!

What thrift stores do you shop at while traveling?

When I’m traveling, I always shop at the popular thrift stores such as Goodwill or Salvation Army.  They are the easiest to find and the best pricing!

What is the best place to sell your unwanted clothes?

I sell all my unwanted clothing on Poshmark, Style Encore, or Plato’s Closet!

Do you buy clothes from other people?

No, I do not purchase clothes from other people.  I strictly source from thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets.  However, I do accept donations.

Do you offer consignment?  Or will you sell clothes on behalf of others?

No, I do not offer consignment services nor do I sell clothes on behalf of others.

Was this helpful?  Thank you so much for your continued support! Happy Thrifting!




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