My Style: $1 Red Coat




Hey Thriftanistas!

Happy Monday!  This weekend, I took advantage of the Veterans Day sales at our local thrift stores.  I purchased two pairs of pants, one shirt, and a coat for $5.74!  That’s a steal!  I received so many messages in my inbox regarding this red coat for $1 that I had to share it on my blog!



I was a little hesitant about purchasing the coat because I have too many coats in my closet!  In Huntsville, we have pretty mild winters (fingers crossed about this year) and I wasn’t sure it would get much use!   However, I was willing to take a chance for the price!


Even though I’m thrifty, I don’t promote hoarding behavior nor over-consumption.  Even if it’s just $1!  I challenged myself to wear this coat at least four times this winter; which equals $0.25 cost per wear.  Not too shabby!



Once I complete the challenge, I will either donate it back to the thrift store or sell it on my Poshmark.  Nonetheless, it’s not taking up space in my closet!  Do you think it was a great purchase?



Location: Downtown Huntsville

Coat:  Neighborhood Thrift Store

Photographer:  Myles Morgan

Hair:  Haddy African Hair Braiding

Makeup: Me

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