Thrift Looks of The Week!


Hey Thriftanistas!

How did you celebrate Independence Day?  Hopefully, in thrifted style!  I want to give a special thanks to all the ladies who represented the thrifting community well with their outfits.  Y’all looked fabulous on my timeline and you didn’t break the bank with your purchases!  I rounded up my top 3 looks of the week….let’s get started!IMG_3406(pictures via Instagram)

  1. @morethanyouraverage – Morethanyouraverage was able to mix both polka dot and stripes, while pairing this sailor skirt!  In addition, she offered outfits catered for July 4th on her website!  Check out her blog where she features plus size thrifted fashion and personal shopping options.

FullSizeR(picture via Instagram)2.  @doubleminted – Doubleminted was totally prepared for San Francisco’s cloudy 4th of July.  I love how she incorporated the red cardigan.FullSizeR (2)(Benevolence Photography)3.  @benevolencephoto –  I love the caption that benevolencephoto put under her photo on Instagram…”My husband and I don’t make tons of money, but due to our daily intentional choices we are able to travel and spend more time with family.”  If that isn’t the true meaning of a lifestyle you can afford!  And this outfit was just $7.FullSizeR (1)Which look was your favorite?  It’s Friday, don’t forget to order your Thriftanista T-Shirt here!

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