My Style: Yellow Nine West Dress


Happy Wednesday Thriftanistas!

This past weekend my family came to visit from Tennessee and we had a blast!  From delicious food (bbq by my dad) to great conversations with my sibling, I couldn’t ask for a better Mother’s Day.  Well, I’m not a mom yet but I know what to expect in the future when I’m expecting….lol!  Get it?  For a little family time I decided to wear this Nine West dress that I purchased from Salvation Army.  While my dad thought I was overdressed for the occasion I thought it was perfect for a sunny afternoon.  More details inside…IMG_4520

I love that this dress is very versatile and this style looks great on all body types.  As a woman of color I’m learning that these bold colors look amazing on our skin and I can’t wait to showcase more on the blog!  Stay tuned….


Hair: Haddy’s African Hair Braiding

Makeup: Me

Photographer:  Myles Morgan

Dress:  Salvation Army



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