My Style: Soul Rich Crop Tee


Hey Thriftanistas!

I am so proud of my little cousin for starting her own business,  The Struggle and Co.  I must say it has been a struggle for me to stay consistent with blogging, exercising and YouTube.  So when she sent me this cute crop top I knew I had to represent!  Check out more images inside and where to buy!


The Soul Rich crop top was soft and is a great piece for your wardrobe.  I also love the fact you can purchase a fitted t-shirt if you aren’t comfortable with showing off your midsection.  We all have a struggle…just give it time and patience!  Support the movement and check out her site!


Hair:  Divine Images by Shannon

Makeup: Me

Tee Shirt:  Soul Rich Crop Tee

Duster Coat: Salvation Army (Thrifted)

Jeans: Fashion Nova

Photographer:  Myles Morgan



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