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Hey Thriftanistas!

I know the blog has been all over the place but honestly it reflects my life at the moment.  In so many words I have been all over the place.  In the past few months I have gained 20 pounds, lost my edges around the front perimeter of my head and I am unable to fit anything in my closet!


I guess the saying is true…”when it rains it pours.” A few years ago I wouldn’t have discussed my problems so openly.  In fact, I probably would have exercised in private and not been photographed until I was looking my best but you know what you live and you learn.  But guess what? Life happens.  It has taken me a while to reach this point but I have learned to love my myself unconditionally.  I know it’s hard this day and age with social media constantly allowing you to compare yourself to others.


For the next few weeks I will be documenting my journey right here on the blog as well as snapchat (thriftinghuntsv).  And guess what – I am going to thrift myself at every stage of my weight loss!  That’s the great thing about thrifting it accommodates everyone!  Be sure to join me every Thursday as I update my edge growth and weight loss journey! Until next week….