Thrifty Living: Volunteer for Holiday Cash

 Hey Thriftanistas!

Do you have a little extra time on your hands? Wouldn’t it be fun to purchase your holiday gifts without breaking the bank? With a few weeks to go before the Holiday season arrives, let me show you how volunteering can alleviate your pockets this year!


With the Holiday season upon us, most thrift stores offer work opportunities to help families fund their Christmas. Payment for that work will be in the form of credit used to purchase Christmas or clothing gifts in the store.

Last Friday, I spent the morning volunteering at Neighborhood Thrift Store assisting customers and sorting household items.  The reason I’m sharing this is not to boast – in fact, I really haven’t done all that much in the way of volunteering.  I’m sharing because I know this time of year can be really stressful on your finances.  This opportunity to volunteer is a simple concept, yet extremely rewarding to families in need. I suggest you contact your local thrift store to find out their requirements but I have listed Neighborhood Store requirements below:

  • Families are eligible to earn a $50 store credit for an 8 hour shift. Family members can divide the shift amongst each member and the 8 hours doesn’t have to be completed in one setting.
  • It’s first come first serve. The thrift store opens at 9 a.m. You must begin your shift when the store opens. Monday – Friday only! No weekends.
  • One $50 store credit per family.
  • All toys are brand new and you can purchase upon completion of your shift.

Thriftanistas, I have no idea how your coins are looking right now but if you are strapped for cash, I encourage you to volunteer this year!

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