My Style: Orange you glad to catch a sale?

Hey Thriftanistas!

Orange you glad to catch a sale?  The other day I was strolling through the mall and I noticed a lot of the stores were having their end of season sales!  From J.C. Penny’s to New York & Company I found clothing ranging from $.97 to $7.99.  That’s cheaper than thrift!

I purchased this orange dress from New York & Company for $7.99 and paired it with a Goodwill trench coat! I also scooped up a few children’s items for a gift basket I will be making to support my local pregnancy center.

Dress: $7.99 New York & Company

Shoes: $10 Neighborhood Thrift Store

Coat: $10 Goodwill

While I enjoy hunting bargains there is a whole other dimension that I don’t highlight often…thrifting allows me to give back!  It allows me to bless others and still maintain financial freedom.  I want to touch more on this subject with future posts so stay tuned!  While you are waiting head out to the mall and take advantage of these clearance deals! If possible, pick up an item or two for someone else!

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