Hair Chronicles: Quick + Easy Natural Hairstyles!


Hey thriftanistas! I came across this video on Buzzfeed and I was amazed at how they created 11 easy stylish natural hairstyles. This is a great guide for women who love to change up their hair or looking for a style for an upcoming event.  The video had me missing my long hair for a second but my short hair is the business! Check out the video inside!


Isn’t this so cute?  This is my favorite!

Side Sweep

• Push your hair over to one side. Take the “smooth side” and divide it into three sections. Take each section and twist it. Secure each twist down to your scalp using bobby pins.
• Take a cream and use it to smooth out the twists, then add a few dabs to the loose curls for extra elongation.
• Define the shape you’ve created by adding a few long decorative pins.

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