Hair Chronicles: $20 Clip-Ins


A few weeks ago I was out shopping and I kept noticing all these sale signs in front of the beauty supply store.  Now, I can remember the last time I purchased from my beauty supply store but the deals were too great to pass up!  I came across these tons of clip-in extensions for less than $20 with different textures and lengths.

Clip-ins have been on my to-do list for quite some time since I’m not a fan of glue I couldn’t resist the urge to try them.  Check out how I installed them below…


Step 1: This step is optional.  I started with freshly washed hair.  I always start with this step because I have short hair that needs to be molded.  If you have longer hair that doesn’t need washing skip to step 5.

Step 2:  I used Design Essentials foaming wrap lotion to mold my hair.

Step 3: I tied 3 Wrapp-It strips to hold my hair in place for the drying process

Step 4: Sit under the dryer for 30-45 minutes. Remove the styling strips during the last 15 minutes of drying.

Step 5: Part your hair how you want the clip-ins to lay.

Step 6: Lightly tease your hair at the root and clip in the extensions.


Step 7:  If you desire curl your hair to your liking.

I absolutely love the way this look turned out!  I am not a beautician not have I attended cosmetology school.  I just love experimenting with my hair!   If you are natural I would suggest you experiment with clip- in extensions especially if you’re uncomfortable with your twa.

Do you like it? Have you tried clip in extensions? Share your experience in the comments below…

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