She Thrifts: Jade Yearby

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How do you describe your personal style? My style is a combination Of tom-boy chic and dark romance!  


What do you think is the biggest trend this season fashion wise?   The biggest trend for me will always be leopard because you can wear it with anything.  I am also a fan of the distressed denim and big hats this season.

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Where do you tend to thrift your clothes? My favorite thrift store to shop at is Value Village because their prices are extremely cheap.  I also love the smaller (Mom/Pops) thrift stores because they offer a full bag of clothes for $5. Turnup!

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What are 3 things every thrifter should have in their wardrobe?  I think every thrifter should own a black tuxedo blazer, a great distressed pair of denim jeans and over the knee boots.  You can always wear the blazer as a dress too!

Do you have any fashion rules you follow when putting your thrifted outfits together?  I follow 3 rules when I put together my thrifted outfits.  First, always have a dope clutch in your hand.  Second, don’t underestimate the basics.  A white tank top can transition your outfit from day to night real quick, ha!  Last, always have confidence in what you are wearing.

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What is the most expensive item that you have purchased while thrifting?  Do share!  The most expensive item I have purchased is my black Louboutin Heels.  I purchased them 4 years ago and only paid $100.  

What tips can you give readers on how to be successful in thrifting?  Never spend the same amount thrifting that you would spend retail…that defeats the purpose.  Set a reasonable budget, arrive early and have patience.  The early bird catches the worm.  

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