Hair Chronicles: La Jay Wig Review

Yesss, isn’t she serving natural hair fierceness? Would you believe it’s a wig? ¬†If you read my faux locs post then you know I love changing my hairstyles (Yep, I’m not loyal!) ūüėú Honestly, I think hair is just as important as the thrifted outfit.

Vanessa Synthetic: La Jay $18.95

So without further ado allow me to introduce you to Ms. La Jay! She is synthetic, natural looking and affordable!  I had to tease her a little bit to fit my face but I am highly satisfied.  I am surprised this wig only cost $19!

I have had this wig for over a year and  every time I wear this wig I receive so many compliments!  If you are interested in purchasing this wig click here!

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor compensated in any way for my opinion.

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