My Style: Halter Neck Top & Maxi Skirt


Keep calm and thrift on?  Can I keep it real with y’all?  I am having the worst thrifting experience.  Ok, maybe I am being a little dramatic but the struggle is real.  I had the bright idea to bring essential clothing on my extending vacation…meaning a few pairs of pants, skirts, and exercise clothing.  I envisioned I would thrift a few summer pieces (dresses, bags, hats) as well as tops to rotate my outfits.  For me, thrifting pants/skirts are a little hard because of my hip to butt ratio!


Y’all this isn’t what I signed up for.  While most of the thrift stores have an abundance of clothing it isn’t my style.  I am finding a lot of winter items which doesn’t help me in the 99 degree weather.  Nonetheless, I did find this top for $.99 at REGENESIS Thrift.


I paired it with a $4 skirt from Goodwill.


This is the final look.  In conclusion, I have learned a valuable lesson…don’t depend on the thrift store!  If you have some thrift stores I should try out list them below! I am in the Richmond/Petersburg Area!

4 thoughts on “My Style: Halter Neck Top & Maxi Skirt

  1. If you’re still in the Richmond area, you should check out Family Thrift and Goodwill off of W. Broad St. (6202 W. Broad – there are 2 on the same road)


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