A Lifestyle You Can Afford: Sandals St. Lucia Vacation



I know this post is long overdue but I’m hoping these beautiful photographs will make up for it!  My husband and I love to travel but traveling can be expensive (even if you don’t have children!)  We have been addicted to Sandals ever since we got married at their Jamaican Resort in 2011.  


So when I received an email in November about their upcoming Summer specials I immediately booked our vacation.  Let me warn you Sandals isn’t cheap!  But you can always find a great deal by booking in off season or taking advantage of their upcoming specials. I’m sure there are a lot of less expensive all inclusive resort but I must say I am in love with Sandals overall experience.



We stayed at Sandals La Toc Beach, which offers 7 restaurants, a fitness center, admission to play at the other 2 resorts on campus, spa and 10 bars (unlimited alcohol if you choose.)  One of the biggest advantages about Sandals is you literally don’t have to spend money on anything once you arrive!

IMG_2982 IMG_2986 IMG_2987

We enjoyed a variety of the entertainment options that included nightly live performances, dance lessons, poolside games and of course beach massages.  We also participated in golf lessons, and the water sports that were available to guests.

IMG_3307 IMG_3078

Overall, I really enjoyed another vacation with Sandals.  If you are interested in experiencing a luxury vacation I suggest you determine an annual travel budget.  There’s no way around it, traveling costs money.  Try to divide your travel expenses into twelve monthly payments (I did the Sandals payment plan for this trip) and look for all inclusive resorts.



I think you owe it to yourself to get away once a year….

IMG_2948Don’t forget to check out my latest YouTube thrift haul video….. scroll to the bottom of the page if you are on a cellular device!

2 thoughts on “A Lifestyle You Can Afford: Sandals St. Lucia Vacation

    1. I definitely suggest the payment plan option…you must complete the final payment 60 days before you arrive. I have traveled all over the world and nothing compares to Sandals!! We plan on visiting a location every 3-4 years!


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