Kim Kardashian for Glamour Magazine


With Miss Tina Knowles-Lawson slaying at 61 and Caitlyn Jenner breaking the internet…I don’t think America realized Kim Kardashian announced she is pregnant with baby #2!


Kimmy Pie is on this month’s issue of Glamour magazine and I must say I was quite surprised with how she describes her style since being married to Kanye:

“My style was really fun and flirty¬†and cute; very colorful, very trendy. When I started dating Kanye, he was like, ‘Babe, you have so many crazy shoes and platforms with spikes and jewels, so much going on. Can I have my stylist come and we’ll clean out your closet?’ I’ve become in love with this still sexy but just cleaner look.”


If this is an indicator of what we can expect for her pregnancy style then I am here for it! I know the public wasn’t too kind the first time around with Nori but only time will tell….



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