He Thrifts: Adam Forster


Hello June. Do you know what this means?  New month, new interview! Allow me to introduce you to Adam Forster. He proves that men can thrift and be fashionable while developing your own sense of style. From his eccentric outfits to his love for hats nothing is off limits for him. Check out the interview below…

How do you describe your personal style?  I would describe my style as bold and without limit.

What do you think is the biggest trend this season fashion wise?  As cliche as this sounds I don’t follow trends. I suppose fringe in making a statement in the wind.


Where do you tend to thrift your clothes?  No place is off limits for me because I like the idea of where can I find an incredible piece that’s completely random.


What are 3 things every thrifter should have in their wardrobe?  A Moto jacket, a dope pair of shoes and a hat for effortless cool.


Do you have any fashion rules you follow when putting your thrifted outfits together? As I stated before…style is without limit.    You are the artist creating moveable art for us to enjoy. 😎

What is the most expensive item that you have purchased while thrifting? Do share!  I was at a consignment shop and found this beautiful blue fox fur jacket for $50. I gasped at the price and went home. I returned the next day to purchase the jacket.


What tips can you give readers on how to be successful in thrifting?  Don’t limit yourself to one section of the store. The whole point of thrifting is to explore and have fun with it.  If something doesn’t quite fit the way you envision it don’t be discouraged.  Think of it as an interesting challenge on how you can remix it into something else.

How can readers connect with you? IG: @adashio

If you would like to be featured on “She/He Thrifts” email thriftinghuntsville@gmail.com.

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