My Style: Geometric Jumpsuit & Blazer

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(Outfit Details: Thrifted Blazer: $3.99 (New York & Company, Goodwill), Thrifted Jumpsuit: $5.79 (Goodwill), Shoes: $7.99 (Style Encore), Thrifted Jewelry: $3.99 (Downtown Rescue Mission)

Whenever I’m shopping, I can always count on Goodwill to have the items I need in my wardrobe without hurting my pocketbook. I have a lot going on this week as I prepare to go out of the country for a few days!  My hubby booked a vacation getaway to celebrate my 30th birthday on Tuesday!  Won’t. He. Do. It.  So as you can imagine I have running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  From last minute planning to getting these faux locs installed (I’ll discuss this hairstyle next week) thrifting just barely made it!


I ran into Goodwill with one thing on my mind….prints.  I wanted geometric, tribal, and bold accessories for my vacation look.   Considering, Goodwill’s inventory has a lot of Target items…I knew they wouldn’t disappoint.  I found so much stuff I had to increase my budget by $20 but it was definitely worth it.  Stay tuned to see how I completed all my vacation look for less than $50…..

5 thoughts on “My Style: Geometric Jumpsuit & Blazer

  1. Great outfit! It’s amazing how you found such good deals at Goodwill, every time I go, I can’t find a thing…(as far as clothes) I gotta get better at looking. I look forward to seeing the rest of your wardrobe. the hair!


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