Trend Alert: Culottes, are they back or no?

IMG_2476Spring is here and culottes are back!  Yep, you read it right.  From Elle magazine to the runways of New York culottes is one of Spring’s most fashionable trends!  Now, I know what my mom meant when she said everything comes back in style.  I’ll admit I am a big fan of these things called culottes(I used to call them gauchos!). Ha! I actually love a trend that we can wear in our everyday lives.  Which is why I drove to my nearest thrift store.  I’ll say it again thrift store clothing is so inexpensive, I find it a fun way to experiment with colors and trends.


On Sunday, I spotted these pants for $2.48 at Value Village.  Considering the blazer and belt were missing I was a little apprehensive about purchasing them.  But the super sweet cashier offered an additional 50% off and I was sold! C’mon pants for a $1.24…you can’t beat that!


I decided to pair it with these thrifted shoes from Thrift Mart for $4.98! And voila….


Outfit details: Thrifted top and thrifted belt (2 years old), Shoes: $4.98 (Thrift Mart), Culottes: $1.24 (Value Village), Thrifted purse: $1.98 (Goodwill)


Thrift Tip: If a garment is missing a few pieces (belt, top, etc.,) try to find ways make the clothing work for you!  Don’t be afraid to ask for an additional discount.  After all, the thrift store is trying to sell their inventory to make room for new items on the floor.


What do you think? Yay or nay? Are you afraid to ask for an additional discount at thrift stores?  Do you thrift current trends?   Love it or hate it culottes are definitely coming back whether we like it or not!  I’d love to hear your feedback about this spring trend.

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3 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Culottes, are they back or no?

  1. Shalae: You look beautiful as always. We used to call what you’re wearing gauchos. We called the shorter version that looked like skirts culottes.


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