MELTT Gala with Cameron Dangerfield


Can we just say I’m feeling myself, I’m feeling myself…I’m so loving my new haircut, but we will talk about that later!  This was an action-packed weekend for me.  Besides my short hair transformation, I kicked things off with the MELTT Gala in support of Cameron Dangerfield (Go Bulldogs!)  If you haven’t heard of him get one taste of his sinful red velvet cupcakes and you will never forget his name!


  $15.00 The Saving Way Thrift Store

I love getting dressed up and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to wear my $15 thrifted dress.  A lot of events require formal wear (i.e. weddings, prom, church event) and buying dresses at the last minute can be stressful and expensive.  For this reason, my rule of thumb is to stock your wardrobe with at least 2 formal dresses a year.  Even if you’re a person that doesn’t attend a lot of events…wear them for a birthday photo shoot or family holiday photos.  Stayed tuned to learn how I use my 3 C’s to pick a formal dress! If you need your next event catered I highly recommend Cameron Dangerfield.  Until next time…..

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