90 Days in Business! What have I learned?


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Hey Thriftanistas!

Can you believe I have been in business 90 days?  I can’t!  I have been juggling so many hats I haven’t taken any time to let it all soak in.  However, I am very proud of all I’ve accomplished within my first quarter besides profit!  Let me toot my horn just a little bit….. Last weekend, I debut my thrift runway collection and a successful event (the Swap & Shop).  In August, I was a panel speaker for Saved in the City and I became a Posh Ambassador!  In July, I introduced the “Thriftanista T-Shirt” and it has been selling like crazy!  I’m crazy blessed in this season of my life and I have learned so much.    To find out what I have learned…..


  1.  You are your brand.  Thriftanistas, there is no way around this one.  The days of leaving the house unkempt to run to Walmart are gone!  You should be presentable at all times and be properly prepared.  Yes, that means business cards, sharing your business with others and being professional on social media.  You should be presenting the best representation of yourself at all times.
  2. Know your worth.  Don’t be so anxious to make a sale or prove your business is a success that you accept anything.  If you have a set price on your goods or services hold your horses.  The right customer will come along and see the value in what you are offering!
  3. IMG_1263
  4. Know when to outsource.  I know money is tight and you can’t afford to pay for services that you need.  So you go to YouTube and Google to teach yourself.  In some instances this method works.  However, the time you spend trying to produce a mediocre project you could have just paid the expert.  Work a few longer hours to get the money you need or learn to barter.
  5. Read & Research – You should be the subject matter expert on your business.  That means you should be up-to date on what’s in the news concerning your particular business and what’s trending via social media.


  1. Expect a NO!  Girl.  If you get in your feelings every time someone doesn’t support your business this isn’t for you!  You will receive a lot of no’s in the beginning but keep pushing.  Find a way to combat the rejection and push forward.  I read that it takes 7 times for people to hear or see something before they buy it to it!  Seven!  How many times have you said “No” to sales pitches?  Don’t take it personal, this is business.  And business requires tough skin!

That’s it, thriftanistas!  Was this helpful?  If so, let me know in the comments what you’ve learned or experienced in business.

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