A Thrifty Girl’s Guide to NYC in 24 Hours: Where to stay, Where to eat, What to do!

(Wendy Williams Show)

Hey Thriftanistas!

I just returned from a brief trip to New York and I had a blast!  As I type this from the flight, I figured I would share with you a few ways to navigate the Big Apple for less!  

Where to Stay:  INNSIDE New York by Melia

This hotel is centrally located in Chelsea with spectacular views of the Empire State Building, Broadway and a ten minute walk from Times Square.  To save, purchase with non-refundable booking (also known as advance booking/purchase).  The non-refundable rate allows you to lock in special rates usually with no resort fees and offer steeper discounts with last minute reservations.  I would suggest you read the terms and conditions before reserving because it is non-refundable.

Is this your first time visiting?  Are you military?  Don’t be afraid to share information and ask for free room upgrades.  I was upgraded to a handicap suite that was very spacious and showcased amazing views of the skyline.

Where to Eat:  BRGR

New York is known for its pizza and it’s an inexpensive option.  However, indulge in a 100% grass-fed burger and you won’t be disappointed.  I tried the Pastoral View and the herb mayonnaise is to die for! Yum!

What to Do:  The Wendy Williams Show!

Loud music.  Hot topics.  Beautiful chaos.   This show is a party from the moment you walk through the doors and the tickets are free!  I laughed.  I danced.  And I was selected as the Eye Candy of the Day!  How cool is that?  This show is everything I envisioned it would be and I was able to appear on National television.  Auntie Wendy is a character and so humble!

Alright, that’s it thriftanistas!  Did you enjoy this post?  I would love to read your comments below and watch the episode on DVR!

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