Financially Fabulous: How to Shop Without Money!


Blazer: $3 Thrift Mart

Hey Thriftanistas!

Happy Monday!  This weekend, I shared on Instagram some tips I use to shop when my funds are limited and I thought it would be perfect for a blog post.  Being a thrifter, it’s easy to accumulate a lot clothing items.  Especially, when you score items at dirt cheap prices.  However, over time those dirt cheap prices can start to add up and you’ve spent more than you intended too.  Of course, I have a monthly budget allotted for fashion but I rarely use it anymore since I implemented these tips.  So let’s get started!


1. Sell before you buy!

I’ve made up in my mind that I won’t buy anything new unless I sell or get rid of an item first!  This has helped reduce the clutter in my closet and allowed me to use the money towards new clothing items.  My favorite places to sell clothing are Plato’s Closet, Style Encore and Buffalo Exchange.  Buffalo Exchange allows you to sell, trade, or buy.  Which is perfect because you can trade your old items for new clothing!

2. Volunteer

Volunteers are needed everyday of the week to sort and process donations.  And a lot of the thrift stores offer in-store credit in exchange for your time.  This credit can be used to purchase clothing, furniture, gifts and goods.  In Huntsville, the thrift stores will offer $10 compensation per hour you work and you can still take advantage of the daily deals!  This is a great way to assist to the store and save a few coins in your wallet.



3.  Host or Attend a Swap Party!

Do you have fashionable friends?  Grab your friends – and their excess stuff – for a thrifty get together and start swapping.  I absolutely love attending swap parties and it’s a great way to have uninterrupted “girl talk” with my friends.  We eat, laugh, try-on items and leave with a new wardrobe.  This Fall, I will be hosting my first community Swap Party so stay tuned this week for the announcement and registration!

Was this helpful?  Let me know in the comments!



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