Finding Your Target Market Seminar!


Hey Thriftanistas!

This morning, I attended an amazing seminar presented by The Catalyst Business Center at Redstone Federal Credit Union.  The topic was “Finding Your Target Market” and the program taught you the first steps in identifying your audience.  As an entrepreneur, I’m all about equipping myself with the proper resources and tools to be successful.


Dress: $0.25 at Neighborhood Thrift Store

As a business owner, I understand that not everyone is my customer – and that’s ok!  However, I understand the more I learn how to market my target audience appropriately the more sales I can generate!  Seriously, how can you pass up free knowledge and networking opportunities?  I’m so grateful for these workshops and I can’t wait to register for the next one!

P.S.  I won free tickets to the Botanical Gardens too!

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