My Style: $4 Eva Mendes for NY&C Dress


Hey Thriftanistas!

This weekend, I served as a Guest Speaker for the Business 1-On-1 workshop.  Considering this was my first speaking engagement, I was a little nervous being on a panel but I did a fantastic job!  The attendees were eager to learn and inquired a lot about my reselling business.  However, my Eva Mendes dress from Salvation Army stole the show!


The attendees couldn’t believe this dress was $4.  I received so many compliments about this dress and one lady wanted to purchase it directly from me! Ha!



I purchased this dress in Clarksville, Tennessee while visiting my dad.  At the time, I couldn’t fit the dress but I thought it was too cute to leave behind.  I guess those early morning workouts have been paying off because the dress fit like a glove.


I absolutely love the vintage style of the dress and I paired it with my Kate Spade pumps!   I look forward to more speaking engagements in the future…..fingers crossed!



What did you think of the dress?  I would love to hear your comments below!

2 thoughts on “My Style: $4 Eva Mendes for NY&C Dress

  1. I think this dress is definitely you! You made it beautiful.. congrats on your speaking engagement..I know you inspired them all


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