Thrift Product of the Day: Mesh Laundry Bag



Hey Thriftanistas!

Today, I want to share a great style tip that can assist with your thrifted pieces. I have been looking for a way to preserve the longevity of my clothing and protect my undergarments. Although, we as thrifters, don’t pay much for our clothing you still want to take care of your investment pieces.



I purchased this bra bag to keep my cups, underwire and straps intact to maintain the shape of the bra. However, I didn’t expect it to serve other purposes. I have used these bags to wash my silk, lace and mesh clothing.


I use this bag for anything I don’t want to get tangled or damaged in the washer. With a price tag of under $10, you have no excuse not to invest in the upkeep of your thrift store clothing. Additionally, it eliminates a dry cleaners bill. #winning. You can purchase a bra bag online or at your nearest retailer!

How do you preserve your thrift store clothing? Have you tried a bra bag? I would love to read your comments below!

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