Thrift Looks of the Week!

(Picture via Instagram)

Hey Thriftanistas!

You already know what time it is! I’ve gathered my top 3 thrifted fashion looks of the week and I must say they rocked it! From a five ways to style a J.Crew dress to Value Village shorts these ladies are showing affordable ways to be fashionable! Let’s see who made the list this week!

1. @tarynnewton

Did you know you can style a strapless dress 5 different ways? I didn’t. On her blog, Glamorous Versatility, Taryn shows us how to get your money’s worth from this J.Crew dress!

2. @msstyleisshe


I challenge you to find a better Instagram name for a stylish woman.  NeShanta is living up to her name with this CAAB Customs T-Shirt and Value Village shorts.

3. @trinitystylesct

Sharon May is giving me all kinds of summer vibes with this outfit.  I love everything about this look from the accessories to the comfortable Nike shoes!

Who’s your favorite?  I would love to hear about it in the comment section below!  Oh, get your Thriftanista T-Shirt today!

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