Thrift Product of the Week: Money Making Mom Hardcover Book for $1

Money-Making-Mom-Hardcover-Book.pngHey Thriftanistas!

This week’s thrift product is Crystal Paine’s, “Money Making Mom” hardcover book.  I know exactly what you’re thinking….I’m not a mom!  However, I’m about my money and I enjoy reading!  I picked up this book last week from during their $.99 book sale and I haven’t put it down.   Money-Making-Mom-Hardcover-BookI think the title is a little misleading because this book is really for any woman!  If you desire to make more money or supplement the income that’s coming in this book is for you!  This book is not a how-to guide but more of a way to get creative with adding income.  Additionally, it offers encouragement and ways to give back.  With a price tag of $1, it’s a great investment in yourself and great gift for others.  Oh, and the shipping was $3.98.  Not too shabby!I thought it was a good read and picked up a few extra copies.  So stay tuned for a giveaway!  What are you reading?

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