Thrifty Review: Gatorade Organic


This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions are my own.

Hey Thriftanistas!

I was happily surprised when I received an email from BzzAgent stating I was accepted to review Gatorade’s Organic line.  With 2017 around the corner, I have been in the gym jump-starting one of my New Year resolutions.  The G Organic is made with just 7 organically sourced ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.  This is perfect for me since I’m counting calories and it’s a great way to stay hydrated! Honestly, I love the slimmer bottle because it’s easier to tote for spin classes and outdoor running.  Guess what?  It actually taste great and it’s under $3. #winning.

 G Organic is available in Lemon, Strawberry and Mixed Berry flavors and can be in select markets.  Be sure to grab a bottle and comment below!

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