Shop & Share: Witch Hazel

Hey Thriftanistas!

I’m here with a quick review of  product I discovered a few months ago and I had to share.  For those of you that don’t know I am a very hairy person.  Yes, I know…too much information!  However, I grow a lot of hair on my face that I have to get waxed monthly and sometimes biweekly. Ugh! 


After my wax sessions I always develop these little pimples for a few days.  Oh, did I forget to mention I have sensitive skin?  Yes, I’ve tried threading, plucking and it doesn’t work!  So after speaking with a Dermatologist she suggested I pick up a bottle of witch hazel for sensitive skin.  She stated to immediately apply the witch hazel following my threading sessions and limit makeup for a few day.  Well, guess what?  It actually worked!  I’m not too fond of the smell of witch hazel but I’m happy an inexpensive product has cleared my breakouts.

So ladies if you are experiencing acne issues following waxing don’t hesitate to gab a bottle!


T.N. Dickinson’s Face & Body Witch Hazel  $2.88


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