Thrifty Review: The Salon Professional Academy


Hey Thriftanistas!

How was your weekend?  I had an action packed weekend but I must say I was very productive!  I kicked my weekend off with a well needed pamper day at The Salon Professional Academy.  When I was in college I religiously went to beauty schools because that’s all I could afford.  However, as my coins increased I completely counted them out…until Groupon offered an amazing deal.  Groupon is currently offering three manicures and pedicures for $33.  That’s about $11 for a mani/pedi combined…#winning.  Come inside to check out my review and a few tips when dealing with a beauty school.



The first thing you want to consider is booking your appointment ahead of time and arriving a few minutes early for your scheduled appointment.  Cosmetology schools are a learning environment and certain days/times are designated for instructional learning that is not open to the public.  Also, be prepared to complete disclosure agreement acknowledging a student will be performing the services.


The Services    

Ladies, I want to set the expectations very clear for you. This is not a spa or your average nail salon.  For a manicure they will not soak your nails and for the pedicure the cheese grater will not be utilized.  These tools have the potential for bacteria to spread and the school doesn’t want to take that risk.  However, manicurists nails in an equally stunning manner, employing OPI polish for long-lasting gel manicures or unique shattered or sandy looks.


The pricing is very affordable and it allows you to treat yourself without breaking the bank!  However, the more services you want the price increases.  For example, if you want a gel manicure that is an additional $14 or if they have to remove the existing nail color it’s $10.  I would make sure you ask a lot of questions before booking or check out the website to make sure you stay within budget!



Overall, I had a great experience at the salon! My manicurist (Leah) was very friendly and we had a lot in common.  It was nice to see students styling hair and learning.  The atmosphere was very upbeat and a lot was happening at once.  I would definitely return for services…heck I have two more sessions to use with my Groupon!


The students do not get paid for services.  They only work off tips so bring some extra cash.  The weekends are the schools busiest times so I wouldn’t try to be a walk-in.  The school has a lot to offer such as facials, makeups and are always running promotions!  Take advantage of them.  I know this was quite a lengthy post but I wanted to set the expectation for you before you made your purchase!

Have you ever went to a cosmetology school for services?  What was your experience?  Let’s talk about it in the comment section below!



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