Happy 84th Birthday Krystal!


This post is sponsored by The Krystal Company

Hey Thriftanistas!

Guess who’s celebrating a birthday? Today, Krystal celebrates its 84th birthday and what better way to celebrate than to give away $.50 cent Krystal burgers all day!  In addition to the burger giveaway, Krystal will also give one lucky customer a 2016 Kia Soul!


If your eating plans don’t already include a stop at your local Krystal it’s about time you upgrade those plans!  From 6 am until midnight on Wednesday, October 12th, you will have the chance at any local Krystal to win free coupons on Krystal’s and multi-packs of 24 Krystal’s in addition to the grand prize stylish square-shaped 2016 Kia Soul ride.

To win the grand prize, guests will need to visit their local Krystal restaurant on Wednesday, October 12 to receive a secret SMS code word that can earn each person an entry in the Birthday Car prize drawing.

Items will be available at participating restaurant locations, though pricing may vary.

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