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How do you describe your personal style? I guess this would depend on the day lol. My favorite era’s are the 50s, 60s, 80s, and 90s. When I want to feel classy or chic I love wearing tea/circle skirts. When I’m feeling “fun” I like to wear bold/bright colors. For the most part I consider my style to be pretty simple, even when I am wearing my more bold/bright colors. 

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What do you think is the biggest trend this season fashion wise? I have been seeing a lot of fringe lately.  When I thrift shop I mostly look for vintage, most vintage doesn’t fall under the latest trend. With that being said I’m really not on top of the latest trends. If I like it I buy it. 

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Where do you tend to thrift your clothes? I thrift at the Salvation Army, St. Paul De Vincent, estate sales, along with other “mom and pop” shops. I shop at these places because I find the most vintage at them. I don’t do much shopping at the Goodwill because they never really have many vintage pieces. The places that I mentioned are also cheaper than the Goodwill in my personal opinion. 

What are 3 things every thrifter should have in their wardrobe?  I feel that every thrifter should have a nice blazer, a quality leather bag, and a nice sweater/cardigan for the more chilly days.


Angela Simmons wearing studiothrift

Do you have any fashion rules you follow when putting your thrifted outfits together?  I don’t have any rules at all. I love mixing “Old and New”, meaning vintage pieces with more modern day pieces. There are some days that I even wear a complete vintage outfit. 


What is the most expensive item that you have purchased while thrifting?  Do share!  The most expensive item that I have purchased while thrifting probably has to be a red Christian Dior calf length swing coat. I purchased the coat about 2 years ago and I think I paid around $50 for it. 


What tips can you give readers on how to be successful in thrifting?  My number one tip would be that you have to have patience! Without it you won’t get far in the “thrifting world.” There is only one of each item so you have to look through almost every piece to find the “hidden gems.” How can readers connect with you?

How can readers connect with you? IG: @studiothrift



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