Erykah Badu talks With Vogue

It seems like yesterday Erykah Badu was parading across our television screens wearing very large colorful head wraps as she debut her first album Baduizm.  As she preps to hit the stage this weekend at the Essence Festival, Erykah sat down with to discuss her influential style and why she gravitates toward the men’s department when shopping…..

The Look:

I make no distinction between what I wear on the street and the stage; it’s all just my style. I don’t work with a stylist, and I never plan what I’m going to wear, it’s always an of-the-moment thing.

Head-wraps & Wigs:

I’ve always enjoyed dressing my head, whether it’s head wraps, hats, or wigs, I’m not sure why. I think that’s just where my mojo lives


Accessories really are everything for me,” she says. “I travel with a black body bag full of them when I’m on tour. I’ll threw in my Yoruba beads, my Maasai beads—and there’s space for six hats in my hat box

Men’s Clothing:

I love shopping in the men’s department,” says Badu. “And as I’ve gotten older I’ve found those shapes suit my body best

You can check out the rest of the interview by clicking here

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