Trend Alert: Lace Up High Heel Thigh Boots

Thrifted top: .99 Thrift Mart Thrifted shorts:.99

I have been searching high and low for a pair of affordable thigh high boots!  My obsession began when I saw Angela Simmons rocking a pair of the black lace Piarry boots on Instagram.

After searching a few online boutiques and eBay it was clear I wasn’t getting these boots for less than $200….no bueno!

 While doing my weekly routine of my favorite online stores I discovered MAKEMECHIC were selling a similar pair for $62.40! Girl, I couldn’t believe it! MAKEMECHIC always has excellent quality products and their shoes run true to size.

Nubuck Lace Up High Heel Thigh Boots $62.40 

I quickly added an 8.5 to my shopping cart and checked my email for a coupon code.  I had a 40% off coupon waiting on me! Won’t. He. Do. It.  I purchased the shoes for $38 + free shipping.  I must warn you if you have larger thighs or considerable size calf muscles these are not the shoes for you! The lace-up strings are adjustable but the zippered closure doesn’t bulge.

Overall, I am very pleased with the shoes and I can’t wait to wear them this Fall!  Right now MAKEMECHIC is offering 30% off any order! Use code: 30FORME and order your pair!  Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video…scroll down below!

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