Kanye West for GQ Magazine


Trophy wife, check. Lil Yeezus set to arrive in 5 months, check.  Named one of the most stylish men alive by GQ magazine, check.  It is definitely not a surprise that Kanye West has “Won” as he has added yet another accomplishment to his ever-growing resume.  I love this look Yeezy is rocking on the cover!  It is casual yet fashionable and it can definitely be recreated on a thrifter’s budget!  Check out who else made the list….


Kanye West
Ryan Gosling
Jeff Goldblum


Jared Leto
Bradley Cooper
LeBron James
A$AP Rocky


Jay Z….I need a new pic of Jay Z though
Brad Pitt
Harry Styles
Daniel Craig

Cristiano Ronaldo
Russell Westbrook
John Mayer
Jaden Smith



David Beckham
Mark Ronson
Mario Balotelli…why did I think this was 50 cent?
Eddie Redmayne


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