How to Thrift: Budgeting

tish|Thrifted Transformation done by Me. $10 Salvation Army Dress| Purse: $1.99 Goodwill

Today is payday around our house.  Know what that means?  Time to set aside my thrift budget for the next two weeks!  I try to follow David Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money for the most part, but I don’t put my money in an envelope.  Every week I allot $15 (cash) for thrifting.  Which means…I usually shop on thrift sale days (.99 Monday) and I am very selective about the clothing I add to my wardrobe.

I noticed a lot of people thrift several times a week but even those sale items add up.  It is very easy to overspend!  I’m sorry I don’t have P. Diddy money, ha! I rather apply that money towards a vacation, mortgage or retirement.

If you are new to thrifting (or budgeting!), this is a great time to determine where you want your money to be spent.  I can assure you there will always be another sale. Remix those clothes you have in your closet and set that money aside for a lifestyle you can afford!

Do you have a thrift budget?  How does it look right now? Let’s talk about it below…

Wherever you’re at in your finances, please be encouraged that everyone starts somewhere………..I plan to post more on this subject

6 thoughts on “How to Thrift: Budgeting

  1. When I first started thrifting I really didn’t …but now like you said because I go so often it can add up,so now I do try to have only the only thing now is I seem to always go over 😕


  2. If you don’t set strict boundaries, you will end up paying to much and a closet full of impulse purchases that you don’t even like after a couple of weeks


  3. I didn’t have a thrift budget I was one of the ones that did the impulse shopping. Not anymore will make sure I start putting $20 aside and I only say that because I thrift for my two boys as well.


  4. Setting a budget for thrifting I’d a really good idea. I need to do that but I know I really couldn’t stick to it. At least there’s only one thrift store super close so that limits my spending. Lol


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