A Lifestyle You Can Afford…..


Finally!! For weeks now I have been trying to come up with a slogan that would be the perfect fit for Thrifting Huntsville.  I wanted my slogan to contain everything I stand for.  I’m sure you already know I’m a thriftaholic but I’m actually thrifty in all aspects.  From beauty products to jet setting across the U.S. I will show you how to live a lifestyle you can afford.

Quit checking your bank account, put away your wallet and pull up a chair….this style will become your life.

4 thoughts on “A Lifestyle You Can Afford…..

  1. That’s a great slogan..!! I’ve been pondering the same.. and actually trying to figure a new name entirely. I can’t believe how hard something so simple can be.. ugghhh.. glad you were able to narrow yours down and pick one specifically perfect for you! Kudos..


  2. I know the struggle. Honestly, I sat down with my husband and we went back and forth for hours! I narrowed it down to my top 5, asked a few friends, and went with my gut! I don’t know if I would change it completely if I was you..


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