How to thrift: Formal gowns



Shopping for a formal gown can bring about a mix of emotions.  You want to look nice, but your budget is limited.  When should you start? Where should you go? Well, your worrying is over. Thrifting Huntsville has you covered.  I think every woman should thrift two formal gowns a year.  When choosing a formal gown I use a 3’s motto: comfort, color, and cost.


1. Comfort- It should suit your body type and the occasion.  Of course, you don’t want to wear a leopard dress to a baby’s christening. You want a dress that allows you to move freely so don’t worry if you have to go up a size or two.

2. Color- One of your formal gowns should be a dark color.  A black dress is always classic.  You should always have a little black dress (LBD) on hand.  This dress can serve for numerous occasions (cocktail hour, weddings, etc.,).   The 2nd dress you purchase should be a bright color (Spring events) or what I like to call a “wildcard.”  The wildcard dress should fit you like a glove or have that “yesss factor.”

3. Cost- The last but most important factor is cost.  The dress shouldn’t cost more than $15.  So if you have to wait for a 50% sale….wait.  After all, you are not wearing it tomorrow right?

Part of being thrifty, is knowing when to capitalize on sales.   I think you should always thrift formal gowns after school occasions (Homecoming, Prom, etc.).  That means you should be heading to your thrift store right now!!! Don’t be afraid to use a formal gown for family photos or church events either.  I mean who is going to check you, boo?

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